About the Blog

The Village Ja is the second baby of Jediael Carter Stewart as a means to chronicle her journey of rediscovery postpartum, as a first-time millennial mom. Giving voice to her racing thoughts, the blog created a platform to share about her new role as a mommy – the good, the bad, and the scary. It as also a space of support for other millennial parents, who sometimes feel they have no business being responsible for a whole other human.

The Village Ja shares the stories of millennial moms and dads, hosts Jediael’s confessionals as a first-time mommy, and will hopefully empower and assist young parents to stand firm in the notion that they’re doing a great job. This is a community of support for parents who sometimes look for the ‘adultier’ adult in the room when something goes wrong, and is a safe space that provides parents with the tools needed to navigate parenthood.

It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too.

Joyce Maynard

Have you ever looked at your child and wondered how they’ve made it this far with you as a parent? Because, same. Ever caught yourself doing the same thing your parents did when you were a child, that you swore you would never do? I’ve been there too. For all the parents who need help making sense of this parenthood thing, The Village is here for you.

Let’s enjoy this adventure, raise awesome human beings and support each other as we figure things out one day at a time.

Parenting, finance, and lifestyle tips for all parents.


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