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5 Back-to-School Tips for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Photo by August de Richelieu on It is the first week of the school year for many students in Jamaica, and along with the regular jitters about starting a new school year and what that brings, students, teachers, and parents alike, have the added pressure of navigating online schooling.  Below, Sophia Sykers, Senior Teacher… Continue reading 5 Back-to-School Tips for Parents During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Pregnancy: Sometimes there are sacrifices

The ups and downs of pregnancy can be a sure ticket to giving yourself or anyone around you whiplash; one moment you’re overwhelmingly happy, the other you’re so frustrated, you can barely think. And while pregnancy is different for each person, ultimately, the journey sees women sacrificing something for a peaceable few months. For this… Continue reading Pregnancy: Sometimes there are sacrifices

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Pregnancy: A Journey to Total Bliss

Kimara Caballero-Morris carries her baby girl with grace. For each woman it is different. It is one of life's mysteries if you ask me. The result or destination is usually the same but that journey to getting there, is quite literally another story. For instance, if her pregnancy was anything to go by, Kimara Caballero-Morris should… Continue reading Pregnancy: A Journey to Total Bliss

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What it’s like being pregnant: JC’s Story

In my first trimester, my stomach was my alarm clock. I vomited bile almost every morning before getting ready for work. The toilet bowl and I had a standing appointment. By the time I got to the office, I would feel like myself again until I got hungry. She (spoiler alert, it’s a girl!) was not pleased when she was hungry.

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5 Activities to Entertain Children This Summer

School is out and it is time for the kiddies to TURN UP!  I’m playing, we are still in a pandemic, so this is turn up lite – kids edition. We know as parents it can be challenging switching from the schedule of school to seeing the kids laze around, watching TV all day, so… Continue reading 5 Activities to Entertain Children This Summer

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‘Me Time’ – Is it a selfish ask for parents?

There a so many opinions on becoming a parent but none prepare you for your inevitable need for a break from it all. And if you're like me, sometimes you just need the silence to recharge, spend some uninterrupted time with your thoughts or just be a bum for a day. That is completely okay...… Continue reading ‘Me Time’ – Is it a selfish ask for parents?