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About Raising Naomi

The Francis family enjoy a picnic together There is so much more to a woman’s pregnancy experience than the biological changes. From the level of care received to the physical environment in which she is growing her tiny human; it all impacts the overall experience and frames an opinion on life.  For first-time-mom Semone Hoilett-Francis,… Continue reading About Raising Naomi

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Bye Bye YouTube Kids: Why I banned the platform on my daughter’s device

When my husband and I introduced our daughter to devices, YouTube Kids was one of the first platforms we used to engage her digitally. To us it was easy to use and housed tons of content targeting children of all ages, which we thought was more than perfect. We were wrong.

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List of Summer Camps for Children in Jamaica

The Summer is Back! And it is shaping up to be one as close to normalcy we have seen in a long time. Summer school is back on, more summer camps are open and the kiddies are eager to be out and about again. But before I go any further with this piece, let me… Continue reading List of Summer Camps for Children in Jamaica

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10 important money habits to pass on to your children

Photo by Karolina Grabowska on It is no secret that money - how much you have, how you manage it and how you spend it - severely impacts your life’s comfort and the opportunities afforded to you. Whoever said money makes the world go round, knew exactly what they were talking about.  This is… Continue reading 10 important money habits to pass on to your children

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5 Wealth Creation Tips for Parents 

It’s every parent’s dream to give their child a life better than the one they had. Whether it is schooling, extracurricular involvement or setting them up with an ironclad financial blanket that can afford the child the opportunities his/her parents could only dream of as a child. 

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Prep Tips for Parents Returning to the Office

For the past two years, parents have admitted a series of emotions related to parenting and working from home with their child perpetually in their space. For some, it has been nothing but joy and adventures, for others, mommy and daddy need a break!  The past couple years have tested the mettle of every human,… Continue reading Prep Tips for Parents Returning to the Office

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How to encourage independence in children

Photo by Kindel Media on You’ve never been challenged until that comes from your own flesh and blood. There is just something about hearing the word ‘no’ from a 30-lbs, 3-inch human, that just doesn’t feel right. After all, for the greater part of these few years you’ve cleaned their butt, wiped snot and essentially… Continue reading How to encourage independence in children

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4 Reasons Why You Need A Family Photoshoot

There is just something about a picture that makes it an instant time machine. When you look at it, you’re immediately brought back to the moment captured, remembering everything - the emotion(s) you felt, what you did that day, who you were with and the list goes on.   It’s true what they say - "a… Continue reading 4 Reasons Why You Need A Family Photoshoot

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30 Bucket List Ideas for Families

New Year, new me! That’s usually what people say, but outside of maybe a few Christmas pounds (don’t stress, I’m working on it) and the consideration for a new hair colour, this is the same mama from last year. Though we’re two weeks into the new year, I’m still reflective about the areas I want… Continue reading 30 Bucket List Ideas for Families

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5 New Year’s Resolutions For Parents 

Photo by Polina Kovaleva on A New Year is often a time many look forward to and hinge their personal growth and betterment on. For some people it is a clean slate to revise what went wrong in the past year and upgrade themselves or hack their lives.  This is often realised through reflection… Continue reading 5 New Year’s Resolutions For Parents